Yay!! It’s my turn on #ThePainOfStrangers #BlogTour today by @andrewbarrettuk @zoolooBT #CSIEddieCollins #ZooloosBookTours

MY RATING – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well this was one hell of an action packed debut!! But before we head into what I thought, let’s look at the blurb

When damaged people reach positions of power, there is no hope for the innocent.

In 1987, Norton Bailey became known as the madman of Mabgate. A damaged person in a position of power, he built a machine to take care of his problems and used money as bait.

CSI Eddie Collins is feeling alone and adrift. Even work is unreliable and tense, and brings conflict with bad people.

One damaged person in particular seeks to choose how Eddie, and the victims he tries to protect, will die. Is there still no hope for the innocent?

Forensic evidence has always lit up the way, but now the light shines dimly. It’s just bright enough to illuminate the fight of Eddie’s life.

Well, there you guys have it. The blurb. Now let’s dive straight into my review.

I will start off by saying I would love to give Eddie a commendation – what a guy. He works bloody hard in his job. He does things the right way – most of the time and he doesn’t stop until he gets the answers that are needed for the victims and the families and because of this he looses so much!!

Eddie had a hell of a job on this case, it spiralled right out of control and added more and more crime, death and secrets to the mix.

The main criminal Mr Norton Bailey stole the show for me though. He had his fair share of mental health illnesses but was equally just as deranged and what he built under his house shown just how much so that was. But someone with that many problems has such a big attraction to their character and definitely outshines the rest.

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