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MY RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

YOU GUYS!!! I did it!! I caught up before publication date of Book 16!! This was another cracking instalment to the series but before I head into my review. Time to check what the blurb says…

Kim felt sickness sweep over her as she watched little Grace dust off her dirty hands. Blonde curls tumbled around her face. Then, Grace disappeared into the crowd. Kim wanted to pause the recording, run outside and grab her to stop what was about to happen.

One August afternoon, eight-year-old Grace Lennard skips into the garden of the childcare centre she attends and vanishes into thin air. Rushing to the scene of Grace’s disappearance, Detective Kim Stone finds a chilling piece of evidence: the engraved heart bracelet belonging to Melody Jones – the little girl who was taken from a playground exactly twenty-five years ago.

Hours before, Steven Harte had walked into Halesowen police station and confessed to having information that would lead Kim to Melody. And he told Kim she’d have a more urgent problem to deal with first. Now Kim must play Steven’s twisted game if she’s to find Grace alive.

With only twenty-four hours to make every second of Steven’s interrogation count, and scan his behaviour for hidden clues, Kim and her team soon link Steven to the abduction of several vulnerable girls – two were kept for a year and then released, unharmed – but where are Melody and the others?

Then small bones are discovered in the grounds of a local park, and Kim fears the worst.

Kim may think she’s close to convicting a killer, but the case has got even more complex. A chilling figure from Kim’s past is about to reveal a shocking secret that will hit her where it hurts the most. Can Kim put aside her own demons, save Grace and the other missing girls before more innocent lives are lost?

Now, doesn’t that sound like such a fast-paced thriller that you just can’t resist? Well, check below to see my thoughts…

Stolen Ones had me hooked from the beginning. I became so entranced Into the story I didn’t really give myself much breathing space for much else including taking notes. Needless to say I could not put this book down.

Imagine having the perpetrator coming to you, this was so much different to all of the other books in the series, and it was so interesting. Not only because of the difference in how it was all set up, but well aside from the acts I loved the perpetrator.

Steven Harte was my favourite character, he was funny and in the beginning definitely got Kim’s back up, which is quite hard to do. For someone who likes to be in control she had very little and you could tell how much it was driving her insane which in turn made it that extra bit funny.

But… as usual there was a twist at the end, and could I see it coming?? Nope!! Did Kim throw the ball right out of the park as usual. YES!!

I am so excited to read the next book in the series and even more excited that I will be reading it with everyone else.

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